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747 carrying space shuttle endeavour costume

the space shuttle got so hyped up I wanted to be it.  better yet i wanted to carry it… i’ll be the 747!
rion was “i hope i can make fear cool (sponsored by red bull)” felix baumgartner which was also a rad idea!!!
tested the costumes in weho on Halloween and they were too well received mainly because people in LA have low IQ and they are only attracted to skimpy costumes or things they recognize like cookie monster or a penis.
We only saw 1 other Felix Baumgartner, some astronauts carrying space shuttle toys… For how big a deal the space shuttle news was, I thought I would see more of that….

Grandpa’s 90th birthday celebration

90′s a big one…. that means my grandpa just missed WWI. darn.

an artistic impression of my grandparents someone made… resemblance is uncanny

all the grandkids + spouses… i have a hard time remembering everyone’s names

My grandparents love bowling. Grew up bowling with my grandpa. So Melody had this awesome idea to all be bowling pins and put on a little show during the celebration

the celebration also happened on Halloween weekend so it was a hit with the costumes and all. When I was making them a lot of people were worried they looked like KKK but i guess most old Chinese people don’t even know what KKK is so we were fine. In bowling 3 strikes you get a turkey.

I’m the turkey. I figure I can also wear this for Thanksgiving. So who’s inviting me over for thanksgiving? My grandma actually told me that they don’t do turkeys anymore…. you have to get 4 strikes and a 4 wheeler comes on screen. I suppose I could have come up with a 4 wheeler costume too. next year…

dinner was great too. every time i see this picture i salivate

Neutrogena Compounding Halloween Winning Streak

4th year in a row! we have earned our bragging rights

Been talking about doing Fast Food Gang for a couple years… finally have the right group to execute.

Jerry is a natural born Colonel Sanders and Sam was way into being the Hamburgler. I’m pretty sure he ate 4 cheeseburgers during the event under the excuse of “posing for pictures”

Victor made an excellent “Yak in the box”

Ellen was darling as Wendy

and I could not have gotten a better model for the Carl’s Jr outfit


skeletor’s rants

inspired. want to be skeletor.

let’s round up the whole gang. i wish i had more friends who want to look gross and disgusting come halloween

in case you’re interested, there are so many characters: take your pick

how about this guy?


La Chilindrina

My coworkers were all pointing at me laughing and speaking in Spanish.  I was like wtf guys..? and they were like “you remind us of someone but if we told you you would be mad”… so… it turns out to be this girl on some show.  every spanish speaking person seems to have watched this show before. Anyways, I decided to embrace it. Totally dressing like this to work tomorrow and saying to everyone “What? I have no idea what you mean cuz I don’t look like her at all??”



TRON skate

this theme was hard. no one just happens to have a futuristic bodysuit lying around.  went to target and got one of those icky micromesh workout shirts and drew something on quick with a blue sharpie.  sharpies don’t really agree with micromesh. goes on all blotchy. It looked ok from far away….

maybe i’ll dork out and wear it to the movie. I’ll leave the plate at home.

Halloween Recap #3 – Adventure Time!

PhotobucketThis is one of those dorky costumes you wear to conventions.

Finn is super easy – the only part that takes any sort of skill is the backpack which can of course be accomplished via funtimes with felt. Jake is a challenge if you don’t want to make a full on furry costume. Which is why the Jake glasses we made were a real accomplishment. so good i think cartoon network will steal the idea for Jake merch.

I saw 4 other Finns, 1 other Jake and 2 Bubblegum Princesses at the Weho street thingy. No ice kings though… This ice king I found on the internet is the best!

Mostly kids 5-10 yrs old and nerds recognized us. They did so by saying either “Adventure Time!” or “what time is it?”. I would say 90% of people didn’t know who we were and thought we were “some pokemon” or “doggie!”.

Halloween Recap #2 – foxy times


When I saw this movie a year ago… the moment I laid eyes on Ash… I knew I wanted to be him.

Head-to-toe how-to:
1) white beanie with a stuffed sock sewn on top. it’s pretty hard to find a white sock with red toes so you pretty much have to paint one. i didn’t have red paint so i just used felt. i had a shitload of felt. I didn’t want to paint the stripes around the neck either so I made a collar with leftover sock tops (see below)
2) ears – now you can make this… but you can also just buy some on etsy for cheap. that’s what i did.
3) awesome wool cardigan I found at goodwill with “A” button made with felt
4) American Apparel sweatpants
5) socks from skatersocks.com. In case you were wondering if Ash wears flip flops he does not but I had to wear them when I went out because I didn’t want to get the socks all nasty
6) tail – don’t call animal rights but i bought a real fox tail at the fair in Germany. According to the movie, foxes don’t die when their tails get cut off. They live long and prosper and have quality time with their family and friends haha.
7) towel cape – you actually have to cut up the towel to make it wrap around your neck.
8) Dried Squab Giblets made with Cinnamon Toasted Crunch Cereal box. Should have printed the image on a colored printed for better effect. oh well.

Rion didn’t have a costume so last minute he wanted to be Mr Fox. With some planning, the easiest way is of course to buy matching corduroy jacket and pants. With zero planning: discount corduroy fabric x determination to make a tailored suit from scratch in a couple of hours. We didn’t get to the party until 11pm because the suit took 4 hours (with no help from me) and we didn’t stay at the party long because the suit held together for a little over an hour before it started to rip in all sorts of places (no thanks to drunk douchebag at party).

Friends were Calvin and Hobbes. Adorable eh?

Halloween Recap #1 – Group Costumes

The Compounding Department is the reigning champion 2 years in a row for the Group Costumes Prize at work.  Not about to give away our title… It’s all about early preparation and fun with felt.  Material costs for the whole group was only $70! The biggest struggle was actually finding people who are willing or able to be a character during that time slot. Of course we won!!!!!!!! yay! Now for next year….

The Dino costume was the most last minute but the most adored.

reusing the costume for some nighttime fun!

halloween 2009 report

princess mononoke!

Seymour + Audrey II!

tobias funke!

kogi truck!

stolen from christine nguyen’s facebook…
jonas brothers!

chop chop master onion! (christine made this!)

marc is the alarm from dr. klahn’s fortress in Fistful of Yen.  You don’t need to see the movie to appreciate his execution.

work costume contest win

nothing to gloat about as the competition was slim… but still… feels really good to WIN.

TRIX & TREATS!! recycled Mr Peanut + ‘fonso costumes…. fun with felt.

the compounders were all such good sports it felt good to bring home the win for them.

miss sara making (boy)friends

it’s a sour patch kid okay!?!


great idea for a halloween costume… would definitely attempt my own version next year.

this guy did some with phones!


DIY costumes

DO IT YOURSELF costumes are the way to go.  doesn’t have to be perfect, just need a great idea.

wow. i’m impressed


ASIMO COSTUME FOR SALE!!!! only $400!!!

i think the less realistic $400 one is better than this guy’s

lovable costumes

from sailorette site…

fast food gang

knew the McDonald’s gang since I was a wee kid (there’s me in the black dress and next my first “boyfriend” in the white jacket)…

A lot of people are scared of clowns and Ronald is among the scarier ones… that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be him… esp after seeing Miss McDonald do it so well…

i’ve also seen people do the fast food gang thing for halloween and it seems like such a good idea until you try to get it all together… here are some folks who deserve honorable mention:

awwww….. the chicken is a nice touch. so is the baby. that’s totally not fair. babies in anything will get way more attention than adults.

i am…

a pair of 3-D glasses (nicolelindner from etsy)…

a bag of popcorn (nicolelindner from etsy)…

a letter (daydream nation modeled by susie bubble)…

a bunch of post-its…

Harry Potter ahhhahhhH!H!HhhH!H!

Watch these two videos. they are hilarious

yes I saw it opening day. and yes I dressed up for it. and yes, the tickets were for right after work so everyone at work got a laugh.  Yah, the Sorting Hat said I was Slytherin.. wonder why?

superhero pairings via the pipeline

refinery29 brings pairs up their picks from the runway with their favorite superheros. space ghost coast to coast!!!

Say NO to International Dress like a Slut Day

Since when did Halloween become synonymous with “International Dress-like-a-Slut Day”?  My gang and I are here to break the mold.  My one wig-two parties plan rolled out pretty decent.  The Tippy Hedron Birds costume was very work appropriate except I couldn’t button up the labcoat all the way with all the canary on my chest.  I actually met another Tippy girl and had an awkward moment which we goofed away with a silly “did you practice THE pose?” / “who wore it best” photo.  Jamie was a lovely Mrs Lovett; Moses was his dad circa 1981 ; Rion, George Harrison from the cover of All Things Must Pass (winner of the most-creative-use-of-two-girl-wigs) and Dawn had too much blow.  My friend Melissa got me the best Halloween present – a special edition “The Birds” Barbie!! I carried her in my purse all night long and would look at her for pointers whenever I forget how to pose.  See Zippercut Flickr for more photos…

Malice in Horrorland…

As evident at the gothic lolita Halloween teaparty, Alice in Wonderland seems to be a popular costume theme.  For the costume contest at work, my department jumped on the bandwagon and had our eyes on the prize…. and we WON!!! well, first place for office decoration and second for group costume.  The Addams family beat us but they deserved it…