New York in Wintertime…

I won a free trip to NY! I never win anything! Comes with this clear thingie too which makes for interesting pictures… so this happened… all other pictures from the dinner have been edited out for good reasons. visited jamie, christine and christine’s little one – Andy cute room at ACE NYC best stocked hotel […]

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Jamie in Austin

Jamie is getting married soon so we made a trip to Austin Texas to celebrate… Miss Hall soon to be Mrs Ramirez is one of the most photogenic girls I know. I cannot wait for the bridal pictures!

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Ojai Bachelorette!

to celebrate with Miss Noel!  Fun and relaxing times with girls at Ojai Resort x Spa. Noel x Miguel = the fairytale match made in heaven. CONGRATS!!! I started to learn that I need to smile with my mouth open… smores x chit chat

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NYE 2011

a very special guest at the NYE party the other special guest 2010 trivia a battle of the minds cheers! and dance dance dance!

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white christmas

Bremen is insanely pretty when it snows.  As always, there is a fair to help people celebrate.  There’s also a medieval portion of the fair that is quite special… !!!snow!!! hot wine x bratwursts creepy street performer view from the room will i see you again in this lifetime Bremen?  Only time will tell This […]

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feeling winter

been a busy month… this house buying thing is eating up a lot of time.  starting to shop for furniture for the new pad…All I can commit to so far is this: Going back to Bremen tomorrow for what is most likely a grueling trip in the snow. At least I’ll be that much closer […]

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randomly signed up for the corporate softball league. no idea how to play.  documenting my “training”… throwing and catching… need practice for sure, but do-able. batting – totally hopeless. hit 2 balls out of 60. no hand eye coordination whatsoever. that smirk is for hitting 100% one day… a league of our own… round of […]

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It rains a lot in Bremen.  Couldn’t commit to buying an umbrella.  Already have 4 in LA and it never rains.  found the perfect 1 Euro alternative rain makes night photos really pretty

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Berlin has a lot of new history. It was interesting to see. Of course, the Berlin Wall… it’s crazy to think how many people attempted to escape over the wall and the lengths they went through to do so. The thing that blew my mind is the wall came down in 1989… and I actually […]

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Bremen, Germany

they keep saying it’s like Bruges… I’ve seen in Bruges a handful of times so I believe it… it’s a cute little town with a lot of history and the streets are just adorable. Here’s the Bremen Town Musicians…. from the Brother’s Grimm fairytale… My travel companion, Laurence. This is the “Hole of Bremen”… It’s […]

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germany for reals!

so the work trip is confirmed! Being sent to Bremen, Germany for a week to… run a couple trials and purchase a kettle! STOKED! Might take the train to Berlin/Hamburg during the weekend… doing a little research… A lot of hip german doods have that em… for lack of a better term, neo nazi haircut. […]

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on exercise…

i usually don’t do it but after all the walking and sweating in Tokyo, I feel back in shape and have more motivation to stay that way… so when prompted to join friends on a hike…. downhill all the way there. not so bad… insane people cliff-jumping. too much testosterone in that place i have […]

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iphone snaps in Tokyo

at LOFT… mid century modern made tiny. smaller = cheaper so that’s nice. Ebisu Ippudo… a little out of the way but well worth it Tokyu Food Show… CHEAP and deliciously fresh. Below, best cherries i’ve ever had. most expensive cherries i’ve ever had. Family Mart… This is what I normally ask for when I […]

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psychotic big eyes

there are these sticker machines that can automatically give you wide eye enhancement.  it makes everyone look a little psychotic and it’s a bit too intense to be all that realistic but i could not stop taking more… i found this picture on the web i thought it was hilarious even without sticker machines there […]

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Puroland sanrio overload

puroland is like legoland – it’s designed for toddlers. kitty lab was fun to see… you lug these things around and play a game at each station and if you’re good at the games you get to design your own kitty. knowing japanese would help. thus our kitty was a big fat mess. you can […]

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Studio Ghibli Museum

The new Ghibli film, Karigurashi no Arriety (The Borrower Arrietty) which I was the only one in the group who did not see because I stayed in Harajuku to shop. There is a little bit of regret but I did hear it’s not as stellar as the other films have been… I didn’t skip out on […]

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