La Chilindrina

My coworkers were all pointing at me laughing and speaking in Spanish.  I was like wtf guys..? and they were like “you remind us of someone but if we told you you would be mad”… so… it turns out to be this girl on some show.  every spanish speaking person seems to have watched this show before. Anyways, I decided to embrace it. Totally dressing like this to work tomorrow and saying to everyone “What? I have no idea what you mean cuz I don’t look like her at all??”




6 thoughts on “La Chilindrina

  1. I used to watch that show at the laundromat around the corner from the Cracker Box while I waiting for my clothes to dry.

  2. it’s just a kelly green dress i already had… buy some yellow felt and cut it out into the shape of a collar and pocket and ribbon. add a red cardigan and you’re done!

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