PHOTOBOOTH pictures by Drew Yoon



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  • BOB BAKER and his marionettes!
  • DAVID LIEBE HART from the Tim and Eric Show!
  • ALFONSO the GIANT easter bunny!

An out of this world PHOTOBOOTH with VINTAGE circus props from the set of HBO’s Carnivale!!!!


99 HELIUM balloons! Handwriting Analysis Gypsy! Sideshow personalities! Pop-up store by FG & Company selling stationary and more!  Artwork for sale by Liz McGrath!

Fashion CONTEST! Fabulous prizes! Best INDIVIDUAL! Best GROUP (2+)! Best LOLITA!

24 responses to “[CIRQUE DU SO LAME]

  1. Is there an age requirement?:)

  2. We’re advertising it as 18+ but let’s just say if you’re underage and you showed up, you won’t be turned away😛

  3. ahaha, okay~ thank you for your honest answer~ ♥

  4. pincushionchan

    Awww…I want to go! But I’m only 17…:(

  5. if you are 17 and you come, you won’t be turned away. we just advertise it to be 18+:) so see you there!

  6. i’m going to this.

  7. Is there an RSVP or admission?:)

  8. admission is $5. RSVP is optional.

  9. shay olivia

    Omg this sounds like way 2 much fun,, time to grab a date😉

    See ya down there!

  10. whoo hoo! This is going to be AWESOME! See you tomorrow!

  11. Are there additional costs beyond the admission fee for the food mentioned above? Or…maybe the better question is, is anything included in the admission cost?

  12. Bob Baker Marionette shows are normally $15 at his theatre. So $5 is a great price just to go see the show. Plus we have a bunch of other performances lined up. A significant amount of guests will be dressed up, it will really be a sight to see!
    The photobooth is free and judging from the last party, it’s the most popular “attraction”.
    The food is for sale priced around $3-$5.

  13. Does the show start at a specific time or is it ok to show up any time between 8pm and 1am?

  14. Bob Baker Marionettes start at 10pm
    David Leibe Hart starts at 11pm
    the party starts at 8pm so all the other stuff will be there starting at 8pm!
    see you there!

  15. Sounds fun!

  16. Will there be alcohol?

  17. yes of course!!!! beer and wine and soju/sake mixed drinks😛

  18. How do I RSVP? Do I do it here? 2 please.

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  20. When are the official photos going up??? :O

  21. soon! Drew is going to send them over today/tomorrow and we’ll slap a logo on and they should be up shortly after that…. thurs/fri?

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  24. “http://www.pekanbaruniaga.com/forumniaga/blogs/viewstory/346 Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time:-)

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