tips for cruising

CRUISE DESTINATION – honestly it didn’t matter because we were off the boat for only a couple hours and it was the suckiest hours of the whole trip. I went off the boat, paid $5 for this photo, got sick, and went back on the boat to power nap. AUSTRALIANS – they’re everywhere when it […]

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Disneyland Annual Passport!

got one again! must go more than 6 times this year!  Go with me!! Disneyland on Christmas Day. Crowded, yes… this is definitely the happiest place within driving distance on Christmas Day since nothing else is opened anyways so I say it’s worth waiting in line for… REAL reindeers in southern california! snooping around Santa’s […]

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LA dodgers

Haven’t posted anything in 6 months and my comeback post is about the Dodgers?!? what the. I still know nothing about baseball not to worry. I did have all the “fan” gear tho. someone proposed on the kiss cam. how cheesy. it was sweet though. i should have sold them this pic for $500. isn’t […]

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zippercutting again

zippercut was on hiatus due to 1) 15 AT&T service techs later, there is finally a glimpse of hope that I may get internet at home after 3 months of being disconnected with the rest of the world. 2) working 2 shifts/16 hours every day 3) went through a phase where I felt it unnecessary […]

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