Grandpa’s 90th birthday celebration

90’s a big one…. that means my grandpa just missed WWI. darn.

an artistic impression of my grandparents someone made… resemblance is uncanny

all the grandkids + spouses… i have a hard time remembering everyone’s names

My grandparents love bowling. Grew up bowling with my grandpa. So Melody had this awesome idea to all be bowling pins and put on a little show during the celebration

the celebration also happened on Halloween weekend so it was a hit with the costumes and all. When I was making them a lot of people were worried they looked like KKK but i guess most old Chinese people don’t even know what KKK is so we were fine. In bowling 3 strikes you get a turkey.

I’m the turkey. I figure I can also wear this for Thanksgiving. So who’s inviting me over for thanksgiving? My grandma actually told me that they don’t do turkeys anymore…. you have to get 4 strikes and a 4 wheeler comes on screen. I suppose I could have come up with a 4 wheeler costume too. next year…

dinner was great too. every time i see this picture i salivate


One thought on “Grandpa’s 90th birthday celebration

  1. I love how you respect your elders in your blog. Your family is beautiful. Your Grandpa is awesome. Lovely family. Made my day.

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