New York in Wintertime…

I won a free trip to NY! I never win anything! Comes with this clear thingie too which makes for interesting pictures… so this happened… all other pictures from the dinner have been edited out for good reasons. visited jamie, christine and christine’s little one – Andy cute room at ACE NYC best stocked hotel […]

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at the Ace PS again this weekend…. wanted to borrow house decor pointers… the famous lobby of ropes and knots…. incorporating ropes n knots at home… not the typical nautical look…

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lloyd hotel visit

more pricey than ACE for the quality of room you get… we stayed at a 3 star room for 250 euros a night… super bare bones. the place is haunted i swear. i heard rustling of plastic next to me in the middle of the night and there was no one there. eek. not surprised. […]

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LLoyd Hotel Amsterdam

Lloyd Hotel – It used to be a prison… now it’s a hotel/cultural embassy.  Ace Hotel you’ve got some competition.  Hoping to stay there during our short weekend trip to Amsterdam!  Here’s an article on Apartment Therapy 8 person bed!

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