Halloween Recap #2 – foxy times


When I saw this movie a year ago… the moment I laid eyes on Ash… I knew I wanted to be him.

Head-to-toe how-to:
1) white beanie with a stuffed sock sewn on top. it’s pretty hard to find a white sock with red toes so you pretty much have to paint one. i didn’t have red paint so i just used felt. i had a shitload of felt. I didn’t want to paint the stripes around the neck either so I made a collar with leftover sock tops (see below)
2) ears – now you can make this… but you can also just buy some on etsy for cheap. that’s what i did.
3) awesome wool cardigan I found at goodwill with “A” button made with felt
4) American Apparel sweatpants
5) socks from skatersocks.com. In case you were wondering if Ash wears flip flops he does not but I had to wear them when I went out because I didn’t want to get the socks all nasty
6) tail – don’t call animal rights but i bought a real fox tail at the fair in Germany. According to the movie, foxes don’t die when their tails get cut off. They live long and prosper and have quality time with their family and friends haha.
7) towel cape – you actually have to cut up the towel to make it wrap around your neck.
8) Dried Squab Giblets made with Cinnamon Toasted Crunch Cereal box. Should have printed the image on a colored printed for better effect. oh well.

Rion didn’t have a costume so last minute he wanted to be Mr Fox. With some planning, the easiest way is of course to buy matching corduroy jacket and pants. With zero planning: discount corduroy fabric x determination to make a tailored suit from scratch in a couple of hours. We didn’t get to the party until 11pm because the suit took 4 hours (with no help from me) and we didn’t stay at the party long because the suit held together for a little over an hour before it started to rip in all sorts of places (no thanks to drunk douchebag at party).

Friends were Calvin and Hobbes. Adorable eh?


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