Halloween Recap #3 – Adventure Time!

PhotobucketThis is one of those dorky costumes you wear to conventions.

Finn is super easy – the only part that takes any sort of skill is the backpack which can of course be accomplished via funtimes with felt. Jake is a challenge if you don’t want to make a full on furry costume. Which is why the Jake glasses we made were a real accomplishment. so good i think cartoon network will steal the idea for Jake merch.

I saw 4 other Finns, 1 other Jake and 2 Bubblegum Princesses at the Weho street thingy. No ice kings though… This ice king I found on the internet is the best!

Mostly kids 5-10 yrs old and nerds recognized us. They did so by saying either “Adventure Time!” or “what time is it?”. I would say 90% of people didn’t know who we were and thought we were “some pokemon” or “doggie!”.


5 thoughts on “Halloween Recap #3 – Adventure Time!

  1. Oh. My. Glob.Totally Epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 13 and have been looking for a Finn/Fiona costume for Months and you guys just made your’s!! I’m SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! My friend and I plan to one day go to the Comic-Con dressed as Marceline and Finn/Fiona. I already have a green backpack, boots, my hair is blonde. Now all I need is the actual costume! I really hope they start selling them!!!!! I have total respect for you people for being SO AWESOME!!

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