fantastic indeed

i have a giant crush on Kristofferson. Ash is cute too. I like his erratic eyebrows and homemade costume New York Magazine’s holiday cover Even Bergdorf Goodman is feeling a little fantastic during the holidays. Go to for more photos of the holiday window display when are the toys coming out?!?!

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hermione sports burberry

watching the old harry potters in anticipation for the new one.  hermione annoys me. is she supposed to be annoying?  anyways, she’s in the new burberry ads looking very….. mature. i like her teen vogue set better… kids are growing up too fast these days.

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500 days of the gubler

I honestly hate myself for wanting to see this movie. I hate how they tried so hard to market it to my demographic… putting Zooey in it and telling her to max out on the quirk. then Gordon Levitt with his suddenly deep voice. and the GUBE!!! i mean, for heaven’s sake is that really […]

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skipping summer

it’s kinda annoying when we haven’t had the chance to play with summer style yet (with june gloom overstaying its welcome this year) and fall is already all up in your face.  i suppose at least we have something to look forward to but i really can’t think about leather and furs when i’m anticipating […]

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