Harry Potter ahhhahhhH!H!HhhH!H!

Watch these two videos. they are hilarious

yes I saw it opening day. and yes I dressed up for it. and yes, the tickets were for right after work so everyone at work got a laugh.  Yah, the Sorting Hat said I was Slytherin.. wonder why?


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter ahhhahhhH!H!HhhH!H!

  1. oh my god – i dont know what to get excited about first! what good sports daniel and rupert were or the adorable girls! mostly im glad they both asked “touch okay?” and the answer was “yes.” ohhhh i love harry potter.

  2. it seems Daniel was genuinely amused but Rupert was a bit freaked out haha. I think it was the same girl as they only had one winner for that contest. She was perfect tho. I liked how she was brave enough to cast a spell and I replayed it many times and couldn’t figure out what she said. HAHAH. was it expelliarmus?

  3. Ahahahaa! You look awesome. I missed your superhero party because of Harry Potter. We dressed up and went to the 10:45 show and by the time it was over, it was too late to go to Royal. Looks like the party was fun, tho!

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