Masquerade Fantastique indeed!

We want to thank all the gorgeous folk who came out last night… all 200 of you!  Speaking for myself, it was my make-a-wish-foundation dream come true.  There will be entries upon entries to recap our unforgettable night.  Special thanks to the Royal/T staff for working so hard and getting the festive decoration set up in time!  Thanks to The Hanks, BoxViolet, Go West Young Man and International Pop Conspiracy who all did an out-of-this-world-job rocking all our petticoats off.  Special thanks to JapanLA, QIO and Royal/T for the fabulous raffle prizes!  Thanks to Drew Yoon and Derrick Gomez who worked the very popular photobooth studio.  The official photos are currently being processed and will be up in a week-ish so check back often!  Thanks to SHADOWSCENE who did party candids! Also David Smith and Dan Coleman for capturing the night in video and of course, again,  Jason71 for the lovely flyer and press kit! More people to thank later in posts to come… ZIPPERCUTTING for life! xoxoxoxooxoxoxo



3 thoughts on “Masquerade Fantastique indeed!

  1. As one of the 200 or so attendees, I’ve got to say this was so much FUN! I saw so many amazing costumes and met so many really awesome people. Thanks to everyone who put this together because it was amazing!

    The next time though, I will be channeling my inner Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire! LOL!

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