NYE 2011

a very special guest at the NYE party the other special guest 2010 trivia a battle of the minds cheers! and dance dance dance!

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Sanrio Nerd Party!!!

so of course it always starts with an idea: twin stars. Lana will be Kiki and I will be Lala… matching outfits, blue hair pink hair, pink bow blue bow, labcoats that say “Kiki” and “Lala”… We had everything ready and planned but Lana didn’t end up making it to the party so i was […]

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Sanrio Small Gift VIP party

When it came to what character to be for the VIP party, I dug deep into my childhood memories and chose the Vaudeville Duo. They were created in 1982 and are now discontinued.  They look fairly normal and no one is probably old enough to recognize them but I did not care. I got this […]

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