Gentlemen’s Breakfast

I first met these fellas at the Silverlake Jubilee.  They had quite the setup and it was very impressionable.  I finally got around to getting my eye exam after years of living without glasses since the day I crushed my old pair to pieces with my behind.  My friend Lana mentioned Gentlemen’s Breakfast and the image […]

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echo country outpost

this place is magical and has so much potential. walking sticks! decorative pillows! hudson point blankets! pinecones the size of your head moccasins!

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Barragan’s Mexican Restaurant… What? Really?

When did this happen? Why are there so many goddamn people here at 9pm on a Wednesday night? I mean sure the $2.50 margaritas are pretty awesome but the place is packed with prepubes… who all got notified by way of myspace? wow, a myspace for a mexican family restaurant.  A fine collection of perfectly styled coifs, multicolored wayfarers and […]

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