skeletor’s rants

inspired. want to be skeletor. let’s round up the whole gang. i wish i had more friends who want to look gross and disgusting come halloween in case you’re interested, there are so many characters: take your pick how about this guy?

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La Chilindrina

My coworkers were all pointing at me laughing and speaking in Spanish.  I was like wtf guys..? and they were like “you remind us of someone but if we told you you would be mad”… so… it turns out to be this girl on some show.  every spanish speaking person seems to have watched this […]

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pretty obsessed with KREAYSHAWN and the WHITE GIRL MOB at the moment KREAYSHAWN looks exactly the same as LIL DEBBIE it’s a lil confusing at times.

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Ojai Bachelorette!

to celebrate with Miss Noel!  Fun and relaxing times with girls at Ojai Resort x Spa. Noel x Miguel = the fairytale match made in heaven. CONGRATS!!! I started to learn that I need to smile with my mouth open… smores x chit chat

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LA dodgers

Haven’t posted anything in 6 months and my comeback post is about the Dodgers?!? what the. I still know nothing about baseball not to worry. I did have all the “fan” gear tho. someone proposed on the kiss cam. how cheesy. it was sweet though. i should have sold them this pic for $500. isn’t […]

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