zippercutting again

zippercut was on hiatus due to
1) 15 AT&T service techs later, there is finally a glimpse of hope that I may get internet at home after 3 months of being disconnected with the rest of the world.
2) working 2 shifts/16 hours every day
3) went through a phase where I felt it unnecessary to document everything I did or liked at that moment in time.

i think i’m snapping out of that mood now… zippercut coming back strong by WINNING! the lomography scavenger hunt this weekend… photos later… here is some iphone fun with a lomography filter. happiness comes in threes


2 thoughts on “zippercutting again

  1. PLEASE DON’T STOP ZIPPERCUTTING!!! YOUR BLOG IS ONE OF MY FAVES!!! I GET SOOO MUCH INSPIRATION FROM YOU!!! KEEP POSTING!!!! & BTW ~ How did you take the pictures from hipstamatic with a lomography filter?? It looks amazing!

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