=w= memories – the show

It’s not that I don’t like weezer’s new stuff, it’s that their old stuff is so good I’m afraid to listen to the new stuff in fear it might ruin my impression of them.  I actually don’t own anything beyond maladroit. Which is why the memories tour is so perfect for me.  Both nights they played a best hits set first then the blue album/pinkerton in its entirety.  To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the best hits part more because Rivers had a lot of energy…. bouncing around and acting man-child to the maximus.

“hurley” came out…

Bethany from Best Coast sang Island in the Sun. She did not know the lyrics but Rivers said “I love your voice Bethany!”. That was cute. Anything Rivers says is cute because he comes off like a disabled child. Best Coast didn’t go well with that crowd. Overheard some guy saying “I think some band called Best Day is opening”. funny.

When it came to the albums, he took off his glasses and mellowed out a lot. It almost felt like listening to the CD with a way older version of Rivers than the one in my head lip-syncing along right in front of me.

Pat had slicked back hair and wore a Sriracha shirt the second night. Scott seems scary i don’t have any pictures of him except this one

this is from the front looking back when Rivers was going crazy running around through the seats.  this is probably the last time i will be at a big concert in the very first row. i’m retiring.

there’s this annoying dood that kept pointing at Rivers to the beat… who does that!!??! All my pictures have his stupid pointing hand in it

pinkerton background awwww. yes, i told everyone I was the half japanese girl with the cello in the basement. i wish.


2 thoughts on “=w= memories – the show


    OMG wow that was 12 years ago. What if I never wore my =w= concert tee that day…. would we be friends?

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