=w= memories

The Blue Album helped me through my lonely and confused high school days and I found long lasting friendship in college because of Pinkerton. My Weezer Fanclub card is in some shoebox at home in Vancouver… Here is a photo Mykel and Carli sent me when I wrote them saying I had a crush on Brain Bell:


This is the boy I liked freshman year. He liked weezer too which made me think we were meant to be together


I made him drink a lot of vodka and then forced him to make out with me.  He didn’t really like me back but I tried my best to keep him around by starting the Cornell Weezer Association which never really went beyond the handful of us.


I got to “meet them” as part of the VIP package.  It was really awkward as those things always are… there are pictures from that meet x greet to be posted later… got these too which are awesome:


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