Sanrio Nerd Party!!!

so of course it always starts with an idea: twin stars. Lana will be Kiki and I will be Lala… matching outfits, blue hair pink hair, pink bow blue bow, labcoats that say “Kiki” and “Lala”… We had everything ready and planned but Lana didn’t end up making it to the party so i was just some chick with pink hair. poop. See, Julie’s outfit makes sense – nerdy keroppi
handmade book bag too!

this picture inspired art! so awesome!!! for more of Magenta King’s stuff go to

there were some pretty awesome outfits:
JapanLA Jamie and actor nerds
very nice touch

i like this sexy nerd

best nerd outfit!

adorable. melt hearts

tons more pictures on the interwebs

go to


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