Dream Home Shatters Dreams

In my pathetic attempt to try to be more of an adult, I am looking to buy a home. I’ve only really started a week ago and I can already feel the pain. Even though prices are supposed to be at an all time low and everyone is yapping about how “it’s the time to buy”, there really isn’t much out there that is reasonably priced and reasonably new and not falling apart.  Then I saw this that blew the rest away.


the view is amazing. you can see basically all of LA and Glendale. Died and gone to heaven.

brand new, architect designed, modern home dream come true.

BUT.  it’s on the top of a hill. there are 150 steps from the carport to the house and 150 steps from the top street down to the house. it’s a super workout just to make it back home. can just imagine going all the way back into the house and then realizing i forgot something in the car. or lugging groceries and shopping bags up those steps. or… move in is a whole other big question mark. WAHHHHHHH plus no one will ever be able to find it. i will have to prepare a special map to hand out.

I cannot stop thinking about this house though. what do i do?!?!?!??!  This place seriously is ruining the house hunting experience for me. I’m hating everything else I see!!!


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