Berlin has a lot of new history. It was interesting to see. Of course, the Berlin Wall… it’s crazy to think how many people attempted to escape over the wall and the lengths they went through to do so. The thing that blew my mind is the wall came down in 1989… and I actually remember seeing it on the news.

Wall madness

checkpoint charlie – most well known crossing point between east and west germany
checkpoint charlie
trabbi – east germany car

The other “history” is of course WWII related… which i find more interesting
Brandenburg Gate… it has seen it all…
Brandenburger Tor
We went to several museums, did a hop on hop off tour… but the whole time I was there I saw one tiny picture of Hitler… on some museum display board. The history is certainly there for you to see but it’s like they don’t want to actively promote that piece of history … almost get the sense that they want to hide the negative imagery….?  I want to see that movie Valkyrie is it any good?

The holocaust memorial was really effective in emoting a feeling to visitors. When you’re there, you feel a certain uneasiness and sadness.. hard to describe.
Holocaust memorial


One thought on “Berlin

  1. Valkyrie is an ok movie. I love me some SS uniforms, but i’d have to say it was pretty good.

    I prefer Inglorious Basterds!

    GERMANY i really want to go there. looks soo awesome.

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