why do i like Cubic Mouth?

Mickey Mouse + friends. they are not cute to begin with.  they’re like… the simpsons – just characters with history and personality. then comes CUBIC MOUTH:


everyone is hatin’ on Cubic Mouth… comments such as “Old Walt is rolling in his grave”, “incredibly scary”, “I can’t believe Disney licensed this!”  CHILL OUT… they all look drunk – it’s funny!!!

cubic mouth claw machine!!! we got one of each!


cubic mouth iphone case

cubic mouth tote bag. WANT!

created by Satoshi Fumihara, the director of Golden Egg’s anime, who also made the following series, Teinenpi Shoujo Haiji.  watch. it’s funny.

involving characters from heidi, heidi is trying to ask people what “teinenpi” means and no one knows.. watch all of them episodes 1 to 7. worth it.


6 thoughts on “why do i like Cubic Mouth?

  1. Hey, I saw these stuff in Japan, I bought some keyholders ect, but I can’t find videos downloadable. Is it existing by the way? The mickey mouse version? Thanks 🙂

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