sequins kill

was super excited about the reoccurance of japanLA’s shiny party. had browsed the internet for the perfect shiny dress weeks ago and ordered this manoush dress from the outnet – heavily discounted and still available in my size – surely it was meant to be.

I also had planned matching gold headgear that resembles this:

alas, i cheaped out on shipping and they sent it UPS GROUND from NY with an estimated arrival of monday WAH!
where does one get a tacky shiny dresses last minute? betsey johnson perhaps? I wanted the one in purple but they didn’t have it… so yah leopard print will do. doesn’t looks as shiny in pictures but i assure you it’s fully sequined.


didn’t have any accessories to match because it was so last minute. wanted a giant shiny lemon to put on my head but i didn’t know where to buy one in the eleventh hour.

Irene is the undeniable winner. SO SHINY!!!

michelle looking shimmery at her booth

REAL gifts!!!!

ANYWAY. i didn’t feel too shiny. and my arms and legs were hella scratched up from the dress. people thought i had been attacked by my cat. Had to return the dress today because it turned out to be such a hazard. there’s always NEXT year eh???


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