renaissance “pleasure” faire

my first time at renaissance fair! wanted to dress up as nobility and not a wench but did not want to spend over $100 so i got a Gunne Sax dress on Etsy and half-assed made my own French Hood. I didn’t have a bag so I just took the protective pouch for my purse and i think it worked out ok…

i went with ~10 other people and none of them dressed up… we were walking as a group and people keep coming up to me and saying things in Old English. i was unprepared so I pretty much just ignored them.

you can rent costumes there but it costs $30 – $80….

grown men playing with swords.. when they were done my friend yelled “good LARP good LARP!”

The people who tour with the fair actually sleep there. looks like ACE hotel PS

turkey leg is a must. it was pretty tasteless and dry but makes for a good photo prop.

i think he’s trying to be Gandalf


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