halfway there…

renaissance fair has never interested me until a friend pointed out there is axe-throwing and ham-leg-eating. i’m in.

Searching the internet for something appropriate for the event… i thought about Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo & Juliet…. Is THAT the Renaissance?  It’s Shakespeare so it should be right?  I watched that movie over and over when I was a kid.  This is the best scene.

wide eyed olivia hussey is so pretty. i want this dress! It would be perfect for renfair.. classy and not too wenchy

Photobucketseriously picture perfect.
is this too 70s for renfair?
only feels 70s if it’s short like this right?
this is the default outfit but i really don’t want to go there…


7 thoughts on “halfway there…

  1. i’ve never been to renfaire either mandy.
    apparently if u buy $40 of stuff at borders u get 2 tickets for free

    we’re going on May 1 weekend 😀 u should go! it will be my ren faire virginity breaking time.

  2. we’re going on the weekend on May 8th… I have to work the weekend of May 1 😦 eitherway i’m so excited! what are you wearing? i thought about making my own dress out of a pattern too. but… that might be too ambitious of a project

  3. ohh 😦 i dunno, i don’t have any time to make anything cause i’ve got a lot of projects due!!

    i’ll probably slap something together and go as some kind of a faerie/fae being.

  4. oh my… it looks like the red dress in romeo and juliet! i think i might attempt to make my own. i have 3 weeks…. hrm..?

  5. Late on the train for this one, but I feel like Ren faire time period = When Jesus was born to NOW. haha. Some of the outfits there are crazy! There were monguls there on saturday!!

    I LOOOVE that version of R&J you mentioned! I referenced that for my big FIDM project I just turned in… soo cute..

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