vintage alice

i found two amazing vintage “alice” dresses on ebay…

dress #1

dress #2, !!!


16 thoughts on “vintage alice

  1. OMG your site and photos are amazing!! We are having an Alice in Wonderland B-Day Party for my 11 year old, would you be willing to sell or rent either Alice Dress?


  2. I LOVE THIS DRESS!! im looking for a potential wedding dress and this would be amazing did you make it or can it be bought and if so for how much!?!?

  3. Dress 2# is lovely, I have a formal next year and I’ve started looking for Alice in wonderland inspired dresses since it seems to be difficult to find many. Would you be able to tell me where I could find one of these dresses to buy?

  4. I ♥ Dress 2! I’m having a Quinceanera next year &&i wanted to know where can I find that dress? Or if you were going to sell it anytime soon? It’s Georgeous!!!

  5. Number 2 is exquisite and I would love to buy If you could tell me when you will be selling this dress or send me the website that is.
    Thank you
    Ashley P.

  6. please tell me where you got dress # 2. I love it so much. Will you be selling it any time soon?

  7. Hello,

    Has the second dress been sold? If not, how much do you want for the dress? I absolutely love it!!


  8. Its 2013 and my little girl will have a sweet 15 party Alice and Wonderland theme on 2014 july I’m not sure if you still have the dress or even look at this post but if you are willing to sell on eBay let me know and I’ll buy it from you talking about dress number 2 or if you just want to sell it I would love to buy it thank u

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