native inspired

There is a lot of native-inspired art/objects/decor in Vancouver… I’ve always liked the patterns and the colors… Native American inspired art/decor is a little different but is just as intriguing.  I really liked the Palm Springs Ace Hotel decor and I guess that’s why I’m starting to incorporate native accents into my home….

got this rug for an amazing price….

pendleton sells great tribal printed products for the winter…

coyote headdress is a must… ala Charlotte Kemp Muhl… so cute


2 thoughts on “native inspired

  1. wow, I’m in love with that painting..i’ve been in search for something like that for a long time…who is the artist?

  2. I’m from southern California and have always shown a preference for the south western motif. Used to go to Phoenix and Scottsdale to visit relatives and always came back with something made by the Hopi tribe. I sure do miss that and thank for conjuring up that memory! Have a great day!

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