mini new york “guide”

here are some places worth checking out in NYC

1) IPPUDO RAMEN – did not want this to be better than Santouka or Daikokuya but it is. Eating it almost made me cry.

2) HOTEL DELMANO – really cute bar in Williamsburg. perfect combination of spooky and luxurious.

3) MACONDO – if you get the right bartender, you could experience the best michilada ever.

4) ACE HOTEL – ACE never disappoints.  The Breslin wasn’t opened yet but the Breslin lobby bar was. order the Hound on Fire. I’m putting chile salt on the rim of all my drinks from now on.

5) AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY – the one in LA is the size of one wing of the one in NYC.  you could spend a whole day here.

6) don’t even get me started on shopping because LA just doesn’t compare.


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