90210 tweens

Equipped with one of these, I attended CW’s 90210 season 2 “premiere”. I am fully aware I’m too old for Gossip Girl. Nevertheless, I am not entirely ashamed to say I’m fully caught up with all GG episodes. I figure the new 90210 belongs to the same tween category so how bad could it be? I watched the free episode available on the CW site so I will be able to spot the people of significance at the event. Maybe the episode I watched wasn’t representative (doubtful), but I felt my interest wane as my brain deteriorated at an abnormally fast rate while trying to digest multiple tween soap opera subplots (ex. “my water broke!”@ prom)

Even with my research-FAIL, I was able to snap a few of the 90210 “stars”… mainly because they were highlighted by tween screams and people with much much larger cameras.  I did have an OH HER! moment with the lady from Full House.
Here’s a shitty collage of so-and-so-s!

Here’s a cast member I almost missed because he didn’t walk down the red carpet but luckily these ladies caught him for me. I later found out from the CW site that he plays the teacher… which explains the lack of tween love for him. poor guy.

THIS I did not miss. Can someone explain her choice of attire for the event??! Is she trying to be the cracked out Jersey version of Little J?!?!?!??!


2 thoughts on “90210 tweens

  1. #__# i need to get myself media access

    lol last picture, i like the things she’s wearing just not in combination with each other.

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