Glorious Excess (Dies) Mike Shinoda

Perhaps the most ironic part of the night was right after coming out of the video installation portion of the show, which was essentially about the perils of “society’s obsession with celebrity culture”… something snapped and I finally realized the guy I saw outside was Emile Hirsch (pictured above eating Kogi), proceeded to have a little freak out and began snapping pictures of him.

in the same manner, when I first got the invite for the event, we unknowingly sang Mike Shinoda to My Sharona…. when I got to the event, TrueMee was like “you didn’t know?”.  What I also didn’t know was that “the guy from linkin park” and I shared the love of defacing celebrities, skulls,  coffins, tentacles and bright colors. who knew.  More pictures on our Flickr setGlorious Excess (Dies) is on till Oct 4th. While you’re there, also check out the Kokeshi exhibit it’s delightful.


2 thoughts on “Glorious Excess (Dies) Mike Shinoda

  1. Wish I would have gone, found out at the last minute. The artwork looks absolutley amazing! And it’s sooo cool Emile was there!

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