urbn monopoly

urban outfitters partnered up with the impossible project and got their hands on all the remaining Polaroid ONE600 Classic and Polaroid Type 779 (professional color) Instant Film and are selling them as “kits” at designated stores August 21st… space1520 being one of them…. of course they have an event celebrating the release: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE: A Polaroid Group Show.  See you there.  You’ll be fighting me for the last of the instant film packs. I’m guessing my friend Caro would be there as she is a Polaroid enthusiast. Here’s her ‘roid filled blog.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a Polaroid instant film replacement may I suggest Fujifilm instax.  They even have “framed film”!!!


One thought on “urbn monopoly

  1. Hugs for the plug!!… and I agree 100% that Fuji instax is the next step, although I’m not too crazy about the roid dimensions. Nothing like a good 600. xoxo

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