Blogger Shop Day #2 – ZIPPERCUT preview

This coming Sunday is Blogger Shop Day #2 from 11am – 4pm!!! There will be 40+ bloggers and their handpicked merch!  Thought I’d upload some of the stuff ZIPPERCUT will be selling to get you stoked!!! Oh, the low low prices; Oh, the deals…


Everything is priced and if it doesn’t sell on Sunday, it will be sold here online.  Browse through items in the Picasa album, jot down the item # of the stuff you want to buy, email with any questions you have and the item #(s) and we’ll bill you via PAYPAL.  First come first serve!  With these low prices, I’m not sure there’ll be a lot left after Sunday…. so come to the event!!!!!  Shopping plus music, bbq, cute boys and girls, sunshine… Sundays don’t get much better than that!

cute cute sailor dresses…

unique and beautifully tailored vests…

vintage dresses….

striped things, frilly things…

this skirt is amazing, it’s got it all… leather, pinstripe, wool, crochet, buckles…

brand new sold out MANOUSH wedges for half of retail price! to a lucky size 6 girl

cutest button hat….


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