welcomes autumn

I just saw 500 days of summer. it kinda made me angry.  I have no idea why. ANYWAY, here are some items that will help you get over Summer.

From TOPSHOP, this is the perfect going out outfit that girls will love and guys will hate. F guys.

and from Temperley available at the OUTNET… with some black tights and ankle boots!


3 thoughts on “welcomes autumn

  1. hey dude! i saw 500 days of summer too.. it kind of made me mad also, hah i dunno why! i think she wasn’t a very like-able character, even tho i just love her in general. i guess i liked it overall.

  2. i haven’t seen it yet, but i think it’s because Zooey is supposed to be a really crazy bitch who manipulates the lovesick JGL? lol. that’s what i’ve heard. i heard he’s really goodi n it ^__^

    anyway god seeing all the topshop stuff makesm e want to go back to london

  3. i thought they kinda made her a lofty pretentious biatch in the movie. i mean, she quoted belle and sebastian in her high school yearbook for god’s sake. haha. JGL was really cute. my friend said he is the poor man’s Heath Ledger and I totally agree. At times, they look SO MUCH ALIKE it’s eerie. I think it made me mad cuz I really want to believe in fate and destiny and that there’s a semi perfect match out there for everyone but that movie kinda says otherwise… even tho it seemed like it was trying to say there is…. i think in the end people just do what they want and make themselves think what they want. ya know?

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