Crusaders and Haters was out of this world!!! Thanks to everyone who came as their superiffic selves!  Mad love goes out to photographer DREW YOON who labored away at the photobooth all night long fueled only by 3 pieces of spicy tuna roll!  The pictures, which are going to be galactically awesome, are going to be posted here in a week or so… please be patient!  Also thanks to AMY KRIOZERE, our other photographer who did the candids.  Thank you RION SUAREZ and JANET NAM for all your help!  Thanks to stylist DAYNA SPITZ who judged the costume contest.   DANIEL FRANZESE’s art show was a big success!  All the pieces were amazing and a lot of them sold last night!  If you missed it, go check it out now, it will be there for a couple more weeks!  Thanks Daniel Franzese and Susan Hancock for letting us get involved!  Last but not least, the wonderful ROYAL/T staff!!!! There will be several upcoming posts documenting the event.. stay tuned…


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