Renegade Craft Fair

It looks like uniqueLA, feels like uniqueLA and basically is uniqueLA since it shares half its vendors and craftsters.

Let’s see, I bought some cute cards from fugu fugu press and my friend bought a cupcake hat from crayonfawn (also sold @ royal/t!).  Found this genetically blessed “indie” family at the linoleum block-printing class at the Reform School booth.  I was exercising voyeurism till the kid looked up and did this i-know-you’re-watching-me hello.

I really wanted a beard from I made you a beard but could not justify spending $40 on a 5 sec “hey look at me! HAHA!” kinda thing… I already have too many of those.  Then I saw a guy at Paul and Kat (I can only assume he’s Paul) wearing one and wanted to change my mind but convinced myself he must have gotten some kinda discount.

i seldom buy things at craft fairs since i cheap out and tell myself “great idea! I can make that” but never get around to it. I liked the stuff at Hi Tree. If I were to ever get into felting again this is the first thing I’m going to make. keyword is IF.

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