factory flea market will cost you $10..?

for those who are in town 4th of july, a presale ticket gets you…

Two-day pass
Front of the line entry and checkout
$5 gift card to be redeemed at any American Apparel retail location
One free taco (random!)
American Apparel is good for: workout gear for those who only pretend to workout, tights, undershirts and shiny slutty things so you don’t have to go to an actual fetish/sex store.
oh.. and superhero outfit bits and pieces..


3 thoughts on “factory flea market will cost you $10..?

  1. i dunno tho. they’ll probably only have crappy stuff like the “legalize gay” shirts haha. the pictures from the last one looks insane tho!!! cheap tights would be nice. i really love their tights but they are so poorly made they can only withstand 3 washes.

  2. ah, yea my friend who used to work at lipservice got their metallic leggings for $5… but i dunno if it’s worth paying $10. i’ll pass 😦

    usually its missewn stuff.

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