Take Ivy

“Take Ivy” is an out of print book from the 60s (1965) displaying a collection of photographs by Japanese photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida.  It’s especially interesting now that the ivy prep look is back (for men at least).  See scans from A Continuous Lean

I found some more Japanese Ivy obsession here – Men’s Club’s Ivy Special dated a little later 1975-1980… oh dorks. kinda hot and pretty hilarious.

They even had a section about “Brown vs Cornell”, the Ivys no one cares about.  Of course, if you’re talking about style… Brown’s the clear winner.  People at Cornell just wear Abercrombie or if you’re an engineer then you wear those free tshirts you get when you sign up for a credit card.

I tried to find a picture to demonstrate the “no style” but had a hard time because I guess I hung out with “ravers” (which style wise perhaps is even worse than Abercrombie..? haha).  I found some decent ones that reminded me how pretty the campus was and make me wish I took more pictures….


2 thoughts on “Take Ivy

  1. Dude the Fishbowl! Haha. I will try to dig up some more Ivy fashion pics for you from back in the day. Remember when our profs told us “we just don’t look like engineers”? I was like um THANK YOU! 🙂

  2. I kinda miss that place. haven’t been back since i left. Melissa and Bing are visiting now and i’m kinda jealous! I dunno what the hell my “style” was in college. i just remembered wearing this skirt with butt cheek exposure option. raver wear had a lot of “options” in the form of zippers, buckles and removable patches of fur. oh shamus.

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