fob fashion

i almost broke my neck cuz i spent 5 hours looking through everything had to offer.  My coworker sent me to today and i was beginning to feel the neckpains but overall it was a far more pleasant experience except for the $500 minimum purchase part… getting a few of your pals in on the ordering is not a bad idea.  Every single picture is a submission for that asian poses website.


3 thoughts on “fob fashion

  1. zipia = EPIC ASIAN POSES.
    yea i got some stuff from zipia recently with alcuin, steph, and michelle. it came really fast too! like in 4days.

    i think it’s worth it if u can find at least 4-5other ppo who want to buy stuff too. their close sell out amazingly fast tho

  2. the shipping is like $100 for $500 worth of “discounted” clothes…. in the back of my mind i’m thinking the money you saved is put back in the shipping but generally i try to ignore that part of my brain and pretend i got a good deal. but yah some stuff is real cute and definitely could have great resale value. it’s hard to pick up to $500 when the items are priced at $20-$50 but… i’m not complaining. haha

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