tennis anyone?

i went to tennis camp one summer and won a years supply of V8. that was 20 years ago. i am now at level megasuck.  Went for a little moonlight tennis sesh the other day.  Jamie came in the cutest tennis dress.  It had little rackets and balls all over!!! Now I’m on an internet rampage for the perfect tennis dress to motivate me to play haha.  Funny how that works.

here are some picks…

and a chair to sit on when i give up…


3 thoughts on “tennis anyone?

  1. i always sucked at tennis cuz i could never figure which arm would be my forearm cuz i was left handed…

    hey is the rosebowl thingiee every weekend or wha? i need to check that shit out!

  2. the next one is july 12th. they’re the second sunday of every month. you should go!!!! let me know if you’re going 🙂 i try to go every month!

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