Crusaders and Haters July 17th

We are happy to announce ZIPPERCUT is throwing the art show opening party to “Crusaders and Haters”, an art exhibit presented by Daniel Franzese (actor from Mean Girls).  The temporary art exhibit will be held at Royal/T and it starts  July 17th so start planning those fabulous outfits!  It’s going to be a star-studded, Kodak moments galore (legendary photobooth of course), out of this galaxy event!!!!!  Plenty more info to come as we approach the date… meanwhile, here are some runway inspiration… and of course, check back daily as I will be researching this whole month, bringing you images and ideas to awaken that superbeing in you.


3 thoughts on “Crusaders and Haters July 17th

  1. can’t have a dress up party without you guys so i’m glad you will be able to make it!!!! promise it’ll be good!!!

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