stepping up their game

Just as I have complained about how H&M has totally gone downhill as of late, I came across the Divided Exclusive line set to come out Sept 2009.  Nice to see them stepping up their game especially with TOPSHOP coming stateside about to wipe them out.


3 thoughts on “stepping up their game

  1. I’m loving the studded cuff and motorcycle vest tho’ I suspect just like the Commes des Garcon stuff, there is going to be a major rush on it.

  2. oh yea this looks very promising too!
    after going to Europe i totally felt robbed with the US H&M’s but i’m really hopeful that since topshop is coming out here the quality will get better to benefit us all.

  3. Perhaps it won’t be advertised as much since Divided Exclusive isn’t backed by any designer name…. I’m a fan of those shorts!!! It’s nice to see Divided explore cutting and texture as opposed to their usual arsenal: pattern and color…

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