Michelle’s birthday!

Michelle‘s birthday is today but she rounded up the troops on Sunday for a “Slap me I’m French” theme at Disneyland.  As it works out, it was also Bat’s Day at Disneyland… the one day of the year where 5000 or so “goths” gloomify the happiest place on earth. Goths were coming up to our group left and right asking “why are you dressed like that?” to which we gratifyingly reply “why are YOU dressed like that?”.  It was fun.

My pictures sucked so here’s one of the group from Aimee. Mickey joined in the fun holding that fake baguette

Another highlight was riding It’s a Small World from a French person’s point of view. Seeing the pink Eiffel Tower made us all a bit teary eyed. Vive la Révolution!

I picked the grand-est mustache with the finest winged tips for Frenchiest effect. I got the bodysuit from American Apparel and it gave me a wedgie all day (in case you were wondering why i was kinda grumpy and quiet). From Dianne’s set…


2 thoughts on “Michelle’s birthday!

  1. Hi, Im one of the goths that asked if you knew anything about Ratatouille. You guys made our day. Usually, the goths at BatsDay are super friendly but that weekend, there were a lot of younger shy/aloof kids in our group. Us older folks thought you guys were just as welcome as the pirate group we saw a few years ago. Im glad you had a good time.

  2. Dot, I had a lot of fun that day and I’m sure I would have had just as much fun if not MORE fun if I was dressed goth! next year! For me, it’s about coming up with a look and living it for the moment. I love these organized dress up events and wished there were more for me to attend!

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