LAweekly people issue CONTEST


ZIPPERCUT is featured in this week’s LAweekly people issue! They have six different covers and my sillyness is on one of them! Anyhow, inside there’s a huge picture of my face (see above).  I was thinking most of my friends/foes would be doing this already so may as well involve everyone and make a contest out of it.   Get your own copy and deface it however you want and the most superb/creative entry gets $100 cash prize.  You can do it with the cover picture too but the face picture is more fun for… em. obvious reasons… but whichever, suprise us.  Send the images to . Contest ends next Thursday April 30th.  Winner will be annouced May 1st.  I will post the better ones for all to enjoy.

* ZIPPERCUT DID NOT host the shiny party.  JapanLA hosted the shiny party. Just want to make that correction! Shinyness is the creative brainchild of Jamie from JapanLA!


10 thoughts on “LAweekly people issue CONTEST

  1. That’s an amazing photo and story – congrats! Alas I am not in LA and cannot get a copy to deface so no contest for me.

  2. Aw man! I can’t believe I got the shiny party info wrong. My apologies to JapanLA! I’ll try to make the correction on our site, too.

  3. I thought it was you! I work for the LA Weekly production department and we don’t really communicate with the editorial side. But I was the first to see the magazines hot off the press and when I saw your cover, I immediately thought: “Mandy from Zippercut??”

  4. That was my exact reaction… “Mandy from zippercut???” HAHHAHA. oooo more LAweekly folk! yay culver city!

  5. I wanted to actually say to you: “Dude, I think LA Weekly jacked your style”
    that’s what i get for not reading the magazine I help put together every damn week!

  6. Wow – what an inaccurate description of Camille. “Sleeping and catching her breath”? Right. I wonder where they got that idea. Could not be more opposite!

  7. Please see Gendy’s response above. I already told Camille right after I read the article for the first time.

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