flu fashion in season

I did a project in college involving smart clothing.  It was for a technical writing class so the project didn’t go that far but I remember it was around then I “discovered” the Fiber Science dept a little too late.  Seems like that “best of both worlds” major doesn’t it..?  A few years later, they come up with this sillyness.  If collaborations are the new thing in fashion then I was in the wrong collab.  The research group I was in were growing bone cells on nanofab materials for implants. If only I were in this one coating silver on cotton! grrr. On a side note, I also hate how any kind of “smart clothing” is always designed to look “futuristic” and make you look all “bionic-woman”.  Seamless integration people. And just because you’re silver and gold doesn’t mean you’re from the future. I don’t want to load any pictures up cuz they’re all ugly. Here’s a solar powered bikini for you to make fun of.


One thought on “flu fashion in season

  1. I remember that project! We worked on it together. Yah I totally wanted to transfer into the fiber science major but we were already too deep into ChemE to escape its evil clutches. Someone needs to develop some kind of ion producing headband to prevent flyaways.

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