Gary Baseman art show opening reception May 2nd, 2009

Gary Baseman “La Noche de la Fusion” Opening Reception Saturday May 2, 2009 6:30pm-10pm

Corey Helford Gallery, 8522 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

We paid a visit to Gary Baseman‘s studio yesterday and got a sneak peek of all the pieces he has lined up for his show!  As I got wide-eyed and giddy, Gary explained his grand vision for La Noche de la Fusion – a festival which celebrates the bittersweetness in life.  Not only will there be come-to-life Baseman characters (!!!!!!), there will also be girls dressed in Baseman-inspired Carnivale costumes.  He showed us some sketches of the costumes and I can hardly wait to see them translated in real life!  He is encouranging guests to come in costumes as their true fanstastic self and that’s where we come in! If you are interested in joining ZIPPERCUT to create fanstastical costumes for this amazing celebration, email us at .  We are going to have a couple of creative meetings to plan this out… Join us! It’s going to be fun and definitely unforgettable.  Short timeline! Act now! Get in touch with us and let’s do this!



4 thoughts on “Gary Baseman art show opening reception May 2nd, 2009

  1. whoa this looks awesome! i love baseman but i’ll be in bali

    great job with cirque mando!!! sorry been crazy busy ~ hope you’ve been well!

  2. i know right! i asked michelle first not realizing this is on the 2nd… gary’s people already got in touch with her. i’m disneylanding on the 3rd!

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