Jack & Munkles

I didn’t have pets growing up so I’m rather awkward with animals.  When I moved in my current home my landlord had two cats: Jack and Monkey (Munkles suit him better though).  I had the pleasure of having pets without the full responsibility and it was great.  During this time, I grew to love these animals so I was really sad to see them go (long story).  Thanks to my cat loving friend Jamie, they’re at a safe and happy place now – Sante D’or Foundation.  They’re up for adoption so if any of you are interested, please give these fantastic cats a permanent home!

The black one is Jack.  He takes a while to warm up to but it’s really rewarding when he finally comes around and becomes intimate.  He’s the smart one.

Munkey is a big pouffy fuzzy lion and you’ll love him right off the bat.  He’s super affectionate and playful and would purr and kneed and cuddle just to get your attention. Aw! I miss him.


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