ROCOCO RENDEZVOUS official video!

Here’s the ROCOCO RENDEZVOUS video! Please watch it using HQ option for best result.  Feel free to link or repost under ONE condition – tell them about the next ZIPPERCUT party on April 10th – CIRQUE DU SO LAME!  see you there fabulous folk!


2 thoughts on “ROCOCO RENDEZVOUS official video!

  1. I LOVE this video! The editing is really great, and the party looks like it was so fun! I wish there was a venue like this in Portland, Oregon!

    I have to ask–what song is being played throughout the whole video?? It’s pretty much the best song ever for the video, and I must know who it’s by!


  2. The song is by GO WEST YOUNG MAN who performed at the ROCOCO RENDEZVOUS event. They just released a full length, self titled album and it’s available on itunes! They are going on a west coast tour soon so check their myspace for updates!

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