Mark your calendars – ZIPPERCUT’s next funbash is APRIL 10th!  This time, it’s circus themed!  As with ROCOCO RENDEZVOUS, there will be a billion and one photo ops you would not want to miss and this time it’s only $5!!!!! We are ridiculously excited to have BOB BAKER and his marionettes come to perform at the event! Other special appearances to be revealed as we approach party date.  Mark your calendars! Repost this awesome flyer by Rion Suarez and tell all your friends!!! Keep checking back for updates. We’ll see you there!


3 thoughts on “CIRQUE DU SO LAME

  1. Im excited to go as well!
    sorry to ask but is it like a show and a party or just a showand some music! >.<

  2. It’s like…. a kid party for adults. We’ll have fun things to see and do but it’s all optional.. you can just come drink + dance + take pictures… The show will be on the side but highly recommended cuz Bob Baker and his marionettes are RAD!!! more info on the “cirque du so lame” link …

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