Pocket ACE

What makes all ACE hotels special is that they preserve and restore instead of build from the ground up.  The ACE Palm Springs property was once the Westward Ho Hotel and also a local Denny’s.  Part of their philosophy is “to create an egalitarian atmosphere by bringing together creative types with tight budgets and more affluent travelers willing to trade down, as it were, in exchange for cool”.  If you’re looking for luxurious, look elsewhere.  If you’re looking for cool, proceed to check in.

Amigo Room @ Ace Hotel Palm Springs.  Caged wire lighting + taxidermy = winning combo
amigo room

King’s Highway @ Ace Hotel Palm Springs. I had 5 “pot brownies” this weekend.

pot brownie #1

Bike Rental – tandems too!

For more Palm Springs getaway photos click here.  If you’re thinking about going Coachella weekend, the prices are double, there’s a 3 night minimum and it’s already almost booked out!  Of the 3 ACEs I’ve been to, I still think Portland is the best.  Check out this photo set from NY Times.   Can’t wait for ACE NYC!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Pocket ACE

  1. Every word you have written is spot on. This is what Palm Springs needed to bring the hip crowd out.

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