Crazy Cat Lady

Stephiee had this awesome idea to meet up at Disneyland dressed like crazy cat ladies.  Alas, Sunday came and it was too cold for any cat lady action.  I already sold this shirt (Jamie’s!) so I figure I should blog about it before i have another opportunity to pretend to be… or actually become a cat lady, whichever comes first.  Initially, I wanted to go all out and do the curlers in hair, bathrobe, fuzzy cat slippers look… but then, I went the toned down cat lady librarian route.  I have a litter of stuffed kittens now so I plan to scour ebay for another awesome cat shirt and really go crazy with it next time.



3 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady

  1. OMG mandy!!! they is tre chic!!! and that is a damn good cat shirt! and here I thought MY outfit was sophisticated because I had a cat silky scarf. that would’ve been way cute! yeah we need to be crazy cat ladies one day….it WILL happen!

  2. doode!!! soooooooooooo goood! steph is right. hella good blouse find.

    now i am determined for crazy cat lady. thanks for the inspiration

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